How to Get a Loan

Our Products

  • Aimed at making life easy when there’s an unforeseen event such as a medical emergency or funeral, or you have to pay bills such as school fees.
  • Salary advances are offered to workers in the private sector.
  • Both salary advances and term loans are offered to government workers.
  • When you take out a loan with us, you and your family are automatically protected with credit life cover.

1) Term loans

What is it?

  • A longer-term loan for a specific amount.
  • Has a specified repayment schedule and a fixed interest rate.
  • Loans range from K250 up to K40 000.
  • The payback period ranges from one month to 38 months.
  • Unfortunately not available to workers at private companies.

How do I sign up and what are the requirements?

Do you offer extra benefits?

How do I make repayments?

  • All repayments must be made inside one of our branches.
  • Our repayment terms are very flexible: If you're unable to make a full repayment, we may allow you to make a partial payment.
  • Late payments will incur penalties in the form of extra interest.
  • Clients who diligently make their repayments are rewarded with interest rate discounts.